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Who we are is a company of leading experts in Artifical Intelligence, Data Science and Machine Learning based in London, United Kingdom. SPiKE.AI empowers businesses by providing them with the state-of-the-art tools in AI and Data Science to address challenges from proposition inception to implementation.


SPiKE.AI’s main mission is to reshape the perception and assessment references of the deep tech market. Responding to an increasingly traceable deep tech hype, SPiKE.AI addresses a challenge that lies at the very origins of innovation: standardising deep tech due diligence. We propose an AI big-data driven platform that automatises deep tech innovation assessment and enables transparent, fast, scalable, testable and cost-efficient due diligence. Our offering operates as powerful decision support tool for investors and innovators and sets a systematised approach for them to assess risks and value, without resorting to network whispers, or the common market practice of ad hoc, non-testable high-level innovation assessments.

Our pillars

SCIENCE DRIVEN SOLUTIONS is a science hub, comprised of computer and data specialists, engineers and neuroscientists with strong bonds to academia and industry that capitalizes on interdisciplinary thinking to hack innovation at the interface of machine learning, intelligent systems and system design in a wide range of private and public services.

DIAGNOSTICS disrupts across different application contexts to build up synthetically on its smart personalization approaches, to reshape conventional diagnostics and prognostics and to optimize the efficiency and adaptivity of human-aided and/or artificial decision-making.


The format of innovation is irreversibly changing due to the principles and impact of the newest AI and Big Data technologies. moves beyond ready-made solutions to posing fresh design questions, to building proof-of-concept frameworks from scratch and to steering new growth scenarios in the start-up and industry world.

PERSONALISATION cracks personalisation by employing cutting-edge AI tools to achieve functional communication interfaces between interested parties; be it in the retailing world, in healthcare or other customer services.


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Feasibility studies

In order to drive a successful project, we assess the feasibility of different solutions through a rigorous process. We provide a specific roadmap to our clients in order to achieve their goals.

With data-driven problems, there is usually no "one-size-fits-all". Each problem must be addressed on its own, regard its potential and constraints and develop solutions that are efficient and long-lasting. With our AI-driven DD engine we ensure both a standardised approach to assessing innovation, as well as a customised lens to weigh the features and potential of each individual proposition.


Custom AI solutions

Our team's exposure to many different industries and applications of AI provides us with the expertise to consult businesses on their AI strategy and investment portfolios.


Expert consultancy


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We are a broad solid network of experienced field leaders and more than 30 highly skilled domain advisors and technical experts.


Dr Anastasia Sylaidi


Dr Alessandro Ticchi

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Performance optimization, outcome prediction.



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